• I must say the serum already became my favourite beauty routine. It makes taking care of my face so easy, with just one product my skin looks radiant, firmer and super hydrated (and considering how dehydrated it tends to get I feel I’v found a real gem). I love the transparency and honesty brand shows regarding the effect but I feel Skin Repair Serum offers even more than promised

    Marzena, 34

  • I have been using the serum for some time and I am delighted. It spreads perfectly over the entire face, despite the fact that the amount used is not large (2 drops), and it smells really nice. The complexion becomes smoother, with less visible discoloration. I have the impression of comfort and pampering on my face. I would highly recommend.

    Jolanta, 64

  • I have normal skin and I love this, so luxurious and moisturizing. My face feels so soft in the morning when I use this at night. This serum is not greasy and does not clog my pores. Wish it was cheaper but I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase nonetheless.


  • After few weeks with LAST serum I must say it brings a lovely results for my skin! I love the smell, consistence and the fact I can really see the results after application. LAST is definately one of this brands that will make you feel special- beautiful design bottle, great and natural ingredients and really seeable results!

    Maria, 34

  • Very visible results, I can see the difference even after few days of using serum. I absolutely love it, cannot imagine my morning ritual without it. One of the best face products I have ever used.

    Monica, 42

  • LAST is very different to everything that I used before. It’s the scent, the color, the texture of it. When I apply it the skin reacts immediately. After a few moments you can feel softness under your fingers. I’m a face model and its very important for me, not to overwhelm my skin with too many products.

    Mark, 44

  • I love the way my skin looks and feels now, it’s much smoother, toned. My pigmentation spots are almost invisible, I see less wrinkles, the skin looks so fresh, calm and relaxed. I love the effect but also the whole application process – it smells so empowering, sometimes I just cannot wait till the evening to put it on my face again. My friends notice I look better, I get many compliments, it all feels really good.

    Jessica, 37

  • This is remarkable – not only the product itself but the whole entourage it goes with it, the packaging, the wooden cap – it all feels very special. Thank you!

    Elizabeth, 35

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