LAST Skin Repair Serum - a holistic ritual for skin rejuvenation

Save the past, love the future 

Time flies. Growing older makes you wiser, more alluring with all your stories, experiences and thoughts. You better know your priorities, you better know yourself. This is the time to live your life to the fullest.

It is possible to make your skin keep up with your high spirit. The right balance of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients can restore and energize your skin, with all the respect to your mature natural beauty.

We cannot stop or reverse time, but we can protect your skin from premature aging

Our 4-step ritual of cleansing + toning + activating + protecting (coming soon) is a holistic approach providing all the ingredients necessary to keep your skin fresh, healthy and radiant.

With all the daily stress but also pollution and chemicals in our food and water, posing health risks and accelerating our aging processes – it becomes more important than ever to mindfully take care of ourselves: our bodies, minds and spiritual wellbeing, balanced all together.

LAST_skincare_Skin Repair Serum_We cannot stop or reverse time but we can protect your skin from premature ageing
LAST Skin Repair Serum - a holistic ritual for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging

Age brings wisdom, wisdom brings self esteem

LAST’s philosophy is all about you and your comfort. The physical comfort influences your mental wellbeing – and the other way round. Our goal was to create a formula that will take all your appearance-related worries out of your head. This is how our flagship product – Skin Repair Serum – was born. With no compromises on price, origin nor availability of the ingredients – we’ve created a concentrated cocktail of antioxidants, humectants, vitamins, peptides medically proven to fight free radicals, increase skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. We give you a solution that will heal your skin, clear your mind and empower you to wholefully enjoy your life.

This is your time. Make it last.

About us

Everything happens for a reason

LAST wasn’t born out of my disappointment with skincare products available on the market that pushed me into creating my own perfect cosmetic line. Nor was it the story where I wanted to quit working in a corporation and decided to launch a startup which happened to be a skincare business. Actually, it was more of a coincidence, a set of events put into motion that took me to my new destination.

One thing is for sure, all of that was unexpected.

Katarzyna Janocha, LAST founder f


Our flagship Skin Repair Serum was inspired by my father in law. It was quite a story. In 2018 he was looking for the perfect cream for his wife, didn’t know what to choose or where to start. He asked his skincare savy longtime friend for advice, yet didn’t receive a name but a list of ingredients… Frankincense. Myrrh. Copaiba. This is where it started.

I remember saving money to buy the first precious ingredients, I remember nights spent online on pages like ResearchGate, PubMed or NCBI looking for more knowledge and complimentary raw materials, verifying their effectiveness, collecting documentation. I remember the time when, while reading the polish VOGUE, I came across a biotechnologist discussing skincare with ayurvedic, natural and clean approach that I also shared. I remember our first meeting and the warm, powerful, exhilarating feeling when she agreed to work together. I remember my best friend advising me to meet an artist she ran into on a design expo in Paris. I will never forget how many versions of the wooden cap we went through before reaching the perfect – in both design and meaning – shape and style. Shortly after that, my dream come true: Sonia Szóstak photoshooting our first campaign! I just couldn’t believe I am there, in the studio, and the shoot is actually happening. Then my high school best friend art directing the product session, another friend creating first newsletters and checking up every day if I was properly running my Instagram account… These were all women. Wonderful women, who all made it happen. I could never express my gratitude enough for what they have done and continue to do.

LAST Skin Repair Serum - healthy aging skincare product

What we give you

After tens of iterations, with final composition of 30+ additional active ingredients, we launched our hero Skin Repair Serum. Adaptogenic, biomimetic, protective and aromatherapeutic, clinically proven to profoundly improve skin’s condition, carefully manufactured with valuable ingredients from different corners of the world. One serum to rule them all. With all the effort put into the creation of this formula, trying to avoid being bias, we conducted additional, external apparatus tests to objectively verify how powerful the Skin Repair Serum really is. The results after using only one bottle were astonishing: 18% diminished wrinkles, 13,3% increased skin elasticity, 20,3% improved hydration, 40,7% reduced transepidermal water loss, 22,5% more even pigmentation, 13,3% diminished erythema in just 6 weeks of usage.

The proces of making shou sugi ban wooden caps for LAST Healthy aging skincare

A fingerprint of each product

In order to protect potent plant extracts, we closed the serum in biophotonic bottles made of violet glass, shielding the contents against harmful effects of light. Each bottle is complemented with a unique, hand made, shou sugi ban wooden cap.

Shou sugi ban (焼杉板) is the Japanese art of preserving wood by charring the surface with hot flames. Traditionally, Japanese charred the cedar (Sugi means cedar) – we use our local species – European ash (Fraxinus excelsior). It is a hard wood with beautiful and distinctive grain, which gains additional unique structure after burning and brushing, revealing its fingerprint like form. We use a special burner and manually control the process – it requires precision and mastery, for the flames to treat the surface in an even and expected way. Next, by brushing, we remove charred, soft growths. This is due to the natural difference in the hardness of the early and late wood increments why we are able to obtain this beautiful and unique structure. When touching the cap, we touch the history of the tree it once was. Finally, we cover the caps with the natural oil and let them dry. It is a multi-step ritual-like process based on understanding wood construction and craftsmanship.



LAST cosmetics rejuvenate, strengthen and protect your skin with care for nature and the environment.

Max. active ingredients

We limit the usage of water, avoid fillers, silicones and other unnecessary ingredients to give you only what your skin really needs, in maximum quantities.

All natural

In our cosmetics, we never use artificial ingredients and follow strict COSMOS and ECOCERT rules for the certification of natural cosmetics.

Vegan, powerful plant extracts

We use natural resin and plant extracts, cold pressed and pure essential oils – everything the flora has best to offer, with a medically proven positive impact on skin.

Cruelty free cosmetics

Our products were not and will never be tested on animals. We never use any ingredients tested on animals or sourced from animals.

Biophotonic, refillable bottles

LAST cosmetics are closed in biophotonic, violet glass to protect the plant extracts from harmful effects of light. All of our bottles are reusable and refillable.

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